Find the best Minnesota bank rates, including CD rates, savings rates, mortgage rates and auto loan rates.

About Minnesota Banking Rates

Minnesota Banking Rates is here to help you find the most up-to-date interest rates available in Minnesota. We work with hundreds of banks and credit unions in Minnesota to bring you the best mortgage, auto, deposit rate and banking products in the state.

How Does Minnesota Banking Rates Help Me?

Our mission at Minnesota Banking Rates is to use our valuable partnerships and resources to help your savings sky-rocket moving forward. We team up with the state’s best banks and credit unions to aggregate today’s current Minnesota bank rates.

Loan interest rates like those tied to mortgages and auto loans can put a damper on your savings as they suck more of your funds out of your pockets every month. Similarly, a common mistake Minnesota residents make is not taking advantage of high-yield deposit rates on products like a Minnesota savings account and free checking accounts.

By carefully selecting the right institution that has the best Minnesota bank rates available, you can potentially save hundreds in lost dollars from interest charges and lost interest earnings.

What is a Common Misconception about Minnesota Bank Rates?

A common misconception is that researching for the best interest rates in the state can take agonizing days to complete, however, Minnesota Banking Rates was specifically developed to address this inconvenience by bringing you a practical and efficient way to search for Minnesota bank rates.

Another mistake Minnesota residents make is assuming that finding a lower interest rates when refinancing a Minnesota mortgage loan or auto loan is not worth the time. In fact, just by taking a few minutes to find a better rate, you could be saving yourself thousands of dollars each year in interest charges.

The Minnesota Bank Rates Tool

The leading tool used by our readers and visitors are our Minnesota bank rates charts. We have multiple charts available, which are specific to the exact rates type you’re searching for. The chart lists the most relevant institutions and interest rates based on your geographical location from the best rate to average rates.

Minnesota Banks

In addition to getting a useful visual of today’s best Minnesota bank rates, you’ll also find more information on the Minnesota bank or credit union offering the rate and can read more details about the interest rate’s terms. Another helpful feature is that you clearly see when that specific rate has been updated on Minnesota Banking Rates, so that you know for sure you’re seeing accurate data.

Other Helpful Minnesota Banking Rates Resources

The information bank doesn’t stop there. Minnesota Banking Rates also keeps you on top of trending topics like Minnesota financial news that helps you plan for a stable financial outlook. Our dedicated team of writers create articles of basic tips, interest rates round-ups and exclusive Q&A interviews with local financial leaders in the state.

Additionally, our Minnesota banks and credit unions list generates a full account of local institutions in your area, should you want to speak to a representative in-person to learn more about their Minnesota CD account or loan product. This list can be searched either by entering a local zip code (which narrows down your search to a specific city in Minnesota) or by browsing alphabetically if you already have an institution in mind.



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Banks and Credit Unions In Minnesota And Surrounding Areas

  • Bremer Bank

    633 South Concord Street
    South St. Paul, MN 55075
  • Bremer Bank

    225 - 6th Street South Suite 200
    Minneapolis, MN 55402
  • 21st Century Bank

    699 North Medina Street
    Loretto, MN 55357
  • American Investors Bank and Mortgage

    6385 Old Shady Oak Road, Suite 110
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344
  • American Bank of the North

    117 Central Avenue
    Nashwauk, MN 55769
  • American Bank of St. Paul

    1578 University Avenue West
    Saint Paul, MN 55104
  • Ameriprise Bank, FSB

    834 Ameriprise Financial Center
    Minneapolis, MN 55474
  • American National Bank of Minnesota

    2000 Woida Road North
    Baxter, MN 56425